eDonkey protection question

From: Ben Grodsky <grodsky_at_mediadefender.com>
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2007 18:52:41 -0700


Would turning on ~250 pm2 sex/porn keyword projects add too much load to your servers? One of the theories I've had about why the limewire redirects sell so many porn subscriptions is because one basically can't get porn on old versions of limewire because our popups and spoofs overwhelm the user. While I don't think turning on protection for these 250 broad sex-related keywords would suddenly make eDonkey MoTDs convert 10x more often, I just wonder whether it would increase eDonkey MoTD porn sales by any amount (this would be the "benefit") and what actually is the "cost" that adding this project load would create to your servers. This is really more of a psychology test than anything else: does spoofing on the servers with MoTDs change these people's attitudes about subscribing?; do most of the users visiting your servers have the savvy to connect to a different server in hopes that they'll actually get content? If this would create a burdensome load, then I'm not interested in pursuing it at all. If the burden is very minimal/non-existent, then it could be interesting from psychological perspective.

For example, I've already determined that adding popups to the pages people get on your servers decreases likelihood to sign up for Adult Friend Finder by ~20%. This test has been running for the past 11 days and shows this distinct pattern. My theory is that despite people actively clicking on the MoTD links, when another popup displays over that one (or is blocked by their popup blocker) a negative association is made about the site and the users are less likely to subscribe. I think this is an expected result that people would be less apt to sign up given an additional popup, but it's interesting to me that so many websites decide that popups are worthwhile -- probably for branding purposes they presumed still to be worthwhile.


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