Re: http:// & file:// Issues

From: Stefan Kaczmarek <>
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 01:14:26 -0700

Okay, none of the shit I tried worked:

- Changing the src of an embed tag once it had already been created.
- Using OBJECT instead of EMBED and trying to change the source with
- Having the application return an HTTP 302 Found redirect to a
file:// from a http:// still didn't work. (A 302 to a http:// from an
http:// works as expected.)

It also doesn't look like Java has a "web browser" control that can
be stuck in there to do the displaying in a thin applet.

It looks like the only viable solutions are:

- Application and applet accept HTTP requests for the local files and
basically serve them up.
- Applet and application simply allow user to "launch" the local
files. (But this doesn't really work for the ads, unless you want to
call launching a movie in a video player a "pop-up" ad.)

The latter is easier, but moves away from being like YouTube. The
former is going to be just more work to do to get both the applet and
the app to server HTTP files in addition to what they're already doing.

So, I guess it's really up to you guys, unless someone can think of a
better alternative.

I just think that the web browser is not going to let us access a
local file:// from a remote http:// ... So we either have to make the
file:// a http:// (or the http:// a file://) or access the local file
without the web browser, but instead use something that is either run
by or interfaces with the web browser.

- Z

On Mar 28, 2007, at 6:19 PM, Ivan Kwok wrote:

> Stefan, it doesn't work on Vista IE7. It asked me for allowing
> ActiveX control first, after I granted it, it's still not showing
> the embedded player. I've tried the same file on XP and IE6, it's
> working fine.
> -Ivan
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> You guys still have vista available? Or just IE7? I wonder if
> they've buttoned up the issue as well. (Cuz I guess it could be a
> security issue.)
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> Yeah, the local html file would probably be able to do it, but then
> it's accessing the local html file that causes the problem, rather
> than the media.
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> Dylan Douglas
> MediaDefender
> From: Stefan Kaczmarek
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> Subject: Re: http:// & file:// Issues
> Nope.
> You can't get past the fact that you have a frame that points to a
> file:// from an http:// page.
> On Mar 28, 2007, at 3:53 PM, Jay Mairs wrote:
>> Can you put the embedded player in a frame that points to a local
>> html
>> file which contains the embed tags pointing to the local media file?
>> Yay, run-on sentence.
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>> To: Jay Mairs; Dylan Douglas; Ivan Kwok; Ty Heath; Ben Ebert
>> Subject: http:// & file:// Issues
>> Okay, so here's a snag of sorts:
>> Mozilla supposedly doesn't let you reference local files from remote
>> pages, as a security thing.
>> I have a simple file at which you
>> can enter a full path URL to a movie file on your local machine, and
>> click the embed button. It should embed the video below the text
>> edit. I can't get it to work with Firefox or Safari on Mac, and it
>> doesn't work with the latest Firefox on Windows. It works fine in
>> IE6, but I don't know about IE7.
>> There is a security.checkloaduri item in Firefox's about:config that
>> if you set it to false it shouldn't do the check, but that just makes
>> my windows ff crash. (Rock.)
>> I guess it's a security concern that remote pages not access local
>> files, which is what we want to do here. I figure worst case the
>> local files can be slurped through the application, which will use an
>> http:// rather than file:// query, but that doesn't work for the
>> applet, unless it had a listening port and was an http server as
>> well. (Oh the ass.)
>> This doesn't effect the "launching" of the media and running it on
>> their computers, just the embedding of them in web pages.
>> So ... I am not sure how you guys want to proceed with this.
>> - Z
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