Meeting Notes: 25 July 2007

From: Pedro Cortez <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 17:30:09 -0700

Here are today's meeting notes. If I have missed anything, please revise
accordingly and send it around again.


* REMINDER: The Simpsons Movie is released this Friday (to

        * Use a variety of decoys (Chop n Screwed, regulars, old
school, etc.)
        * Add real torrent files to the interdiction system.
        * Post comments.
        * Ensure posts go to trouble sites.
        * Flood MD-friendly sites.


* Add a new category to the BTgenerator to identify non-MD fake
files for projects we are protecting (to Dylan).


* Maintain posting levels for "Die Hard 4" decoys as it will
likely to be tested next (to Torrents).


* Verify decoys from Fox test results to identify false positives
(to Rendy).

        * QA will store test results in QA MDfile server (to
        * Request that BayTSP send .torrent files that were
successfully downloaded (to Ebert, Grodsky).


* Compile the following lists to document information about our BT
services (to Herden, Torrents).

        * List of Decoy Methods and update Torrent Matrix Site
        * List of current projects and their priority status.
        * List of trackers detailed as either Active (regular, old
school, 90%), Banned, Hijacked, and popular Public trackers.
        * List of banned IP ranges.
        * List of Dedicated Servers and their functionality.


* Determine which projects need to be added to the Auto-Poster (to

        * Specifically, Music projects from EMI and UMG.
        * Consult with the Project Managers on which projects
currently receive BT protection.


* Supply Public trackers for Inflation testing to Jed (to


* Training session to exploit Media Sentry's inflation to be
conducted by Pedro (to Torrents).


* Monitor the activities of (to Gerald).

        * Add a stat counter to monitor site traffic.


* Pay special attention to the following sites Fox has attributed
for testing (to Torrents).

        * BTmon, BTjunkie, Torrentlocomotive. Flixflux, Monova., and Torrentview.
        * Manually post to these sites as permitted.


* Tracker changes will take in effect once new machines are
available (to Ebert, Torrents).

        * A blank tracker will be set up in reserve.
        * Set up new trackers for regular decoys and 90% decoys
(to Dylan).


* New Project manager will start on July 30th.

        * Name: Benny Mao
        * Check with IT to make sure he is on appropriate mailing
lists (to Herden).
        * Herden's last day: July 31st

                * Party at pay! (to Torrents)


Pedro Cortez

MediaDefender, Inc.

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