RE: UPIX data analysis

From: Tabish Hasan <>
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2007 18:20:26 -0700

We're running two types of interdiction tests on Monday. One type is
where we do actual DL testing and see how our interdiction system is
handling (with the addition of the torrents Jed found). And we will also
do an interdiction presence test, to see out of all the Black Donnellys
torrents on, what percent actually made it to our system.


Also, we have interdiction tests running today, so we can compare that
with Monday's data.



From: Ben Ebert
Sent: Friday, April 06, 2007 6:00 PM
To: Tabish Hasan; Randy Saaf; Jay Mairs
Cc: Ben Grodsky; Ty Heath
Subject: RE: UPIX data analysis


The first week happens to be the exact same day as the QA team tested
interdiction on black donnellys 3/19. Our internal test was 100%
effective as well, that was the first week we saw really good results.
I do not know what happened the second week, we don't have a recent
interdiction test. It is possible from the way the data looks that they
tested exclusively from mininova the first week, and from snarf-it the
second week, and we were not hitting snarf-it. We will need to be
running interdiction tests on Monday.



From: Tabish Hasan
Sent: Friday, April 06, 2007 5:47 PM
To: Randy Saaf; Jay Mairs
Cc: Ben Ebert; Ben Grodsky; Ty Heath
Subject: UPIX data analysis


For their 2 week data:

* Black Donnelly's on BT actually produced better results on week
1 than week 2. On the attached BT sheet, I've highlighted in yellow all
the ones that were good downloads. Notice that they all came in week 2.
Week 1 was 100% effective. Week 2 was 30% effective. Without knowing
the infohash, I can't determine if we had interdiction active for all
the torrents they attempted.
* There ARE several instances where they grabbed CD1 of a file,
but no corresponding CD2. Those are highlighted in red on the attached
eDonkey sheet.
* They're NOT attempting only the most recent season. An example
is their "Office", "House MD", and "Law and Order" tests below.

NBC - The Office - 205 - Halloween.avi

NBC - The Office - 209 - Party.avi

NBC - The Office - 302 - The Convention.avi

The Office (NBC) - 214 - The Carpet.avi


House MD - 102 - Paternity - hdtv-lol.avi

House MD - 2x03 - Humpty, Dumpty.avi

House Md - 2x10 - Failure To Communicate Hdtv Xvid-Fov.avi

House MD 2x13 - Skin Deep.avi


law and order svu 220 dvdrip.avi

law and order svu 504 loss hdtv-lol.avi

law and order svu 804.avi

law and order svu 8x14.avi

law and order svu s07e20 fat -.avi

law and order svu s08e06 infiltrated hdtv xvid-notv.avi

* They didn't test on Fastweb (Italian server) during this


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