Queue Order Changing

From: Stefan Kaczmarek <stefan_at_thezonie.org>
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2007 13:13:52 -0700


So I'm working on the queue order stuff, and you said that you wanted
to reference changes by the position in the db, not the webpage.

So okay, what I have is a collection of objects in a series, numbered
0-n (the web page index) and each contain a db position that I get
from the server.

Now, when a user changes an item's position, I check the web order,
and from there I can figure out which item moved from where, and I
can tell you that "db pos item N moved to replace db pos item M" ...
But I don't know how you're storing stuff in the db, so does that now
update the item position values? So, does pos item N now change its
position value to M? And do all of the items in between shift their
position values as well?

The collection maintains the original position values (the web, 0-n
numbers) so I can track an item's movement during multiple orderings.
(Until they refresh the page, of course.) I just don't know if your
db position values are fixed or what.

- Z
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