Fw: PPV Leak Update #2: WWE One Night Stand

From: Ben Grodsky <grodsky_at_mediadefender.com>
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2007 10:57:11 -0700

Jay or Randy,

Is this what you wanted, or do you want something more?


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Subject: RE: PPV Leak Update #2: WWE One Night Stand

We have to work on this one. It’s a little hard. But I found a few stuffs that could be checked out.


It’s streaming but it’s from yesterday, not live







it’s supposed to stream every live show including ppv




this is sop cast I guess



not sure how this one work



Thank you,

Duc Lai

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From: Ben Grodsky
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Subject: RE: PPV Leak Update #2: WWE One Night Stand


Duc, Henry and Hrach,


Randy and Jay are also interested in whether you can find any places streaming this online live or close to live. Because this PPV event has already happened, you can look to see whether there are any websites or forums that refer to being able to see it it online streaming some place soon after it leaked.





From: Duc Lai
Sent: Mon 04-Jun-07 08:44
To: Jonathan Lee
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Subject: FW: PPV Leak Update #2: WWE One Night Stand



Is there BT for this? If there is let me know so I can put in a ticket.


Thank you,

Duc Lai

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Please visit the following secure ftp site:


Alternatively, you may access LeaksFTP.MediaDefender.com using these credentials:

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Subject: Join the New ABPW Pro Wrestling Forum at http://abprowrestling.invisionplus.net!!! Enjoy the show!!! - WWE-E! CW One Night Stand 2007-06-03 XviD-SC-SDH.nfo (1/1)
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