RE: Bourne Ultimatum Workprint

From: Daniel Lee <>
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 09:55:35 -0700

The torrent file's been added to the interdiction system, but it's
doubtful that it will have any effect. The site the torrent is from
requires registration and also has all sorts of client version
restrictions. We'll keep an eye on it to see if interdiction does show
up though.

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From: Randy Saaf
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2007 9:27 AM
To: Ty Heath; torrents
Subject: Fw: Bourne Ultimatum Workprint

Can we interdict this torrent asap while it is small? Thanks

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From: Markham, Aaron (NBC Universal) <>
To: Randy Saaf
Cc: Skinner, Andrew (NBC Universal) <>
Sent: Mon Aug 13 09:15:22 2007
Subject: FW: Bourne Ultimatum Workprint

Can you jump all over this swarm and try to kill it?



From: Wilkinson, Michael (NBC Universal)
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2007 9:09 AM
To: Markham, Aaron (NBC Universal); Anderson, Anthony (NBC Universal);
Skinner, Andrew (NBC Universal)
Subject: FW: Bourne Ultimatum Workprint


Drew, can you try and get this? It is fact the Bourne Ultimatum and it
has the Time Code burn in at the bottom of the picture and also has
"Universal Studios" burned into the top of the picture.






From: []
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2007 7:50 AM
To: Markham, Aaron (NBC Universal)
Cc: Anderson, Anthony (NBC Universal); Wilkinson, Michael (NBC
Subject: Fw: Bourne Ultimatum Workprint



It appears that a work print copy of Bourne Ultimatum is currently being
uploaded to a torrent site called . There is only a single
seeder and nobody is beyond 30% yet due to the slow upload. So far we
have not been able to find another copy of this at any other location.


Jeff Dewolde
VP Technology
Deluxe Content Protection Services

----- Forwarded by Jeff Dewolde/Toronto/Deluxe on 08/13/2007 10:38 AM

Ian Read/Toronto/Deluxe

08/13/2007 09:46 AM


        Jeff Dewolde/Toronto/Deluxe_at_Deluxe


        Leslie Yan/Toronto/Deluxe_at_Deluxe


        Bourne Ultimatum Workprint







Attached are the screen grabs for the yet to be confirmed Workprint of
Bourne Ultimatum. Looks legit from where we sit.

As mentioned, the uploader has a very restricted upload speed, and is
only connecting directly to a very limited number of people. Because of
this we are unable to get the uploaders IP address, but his username is
Dwintwo. His profile indicates that he is from Puerto Rico, although
without the IP address, that can't be confirmed. The user joined the
website 90 weeks ago, and has been responsible for the upload of over
1TB worth of content over that time. He has previously uploaded 11
other torrents to this website, so he is a proven uploader.

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