RE: eMule Celebrates 5 Years with Version 0.78a

From: Randy Saaf <>
Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 14:29:42 -0700


Can we use this for countermeasures?


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The new version doesn't seem to affect us. All of our servers still got
in the list. But it might affect us in the near future as more users
upgrade to it and start marking our files as spam. I can't tell as of
now if a user marks a file as spam, whether or not that file will be
marked as spam for other users as well.

Here's the spam changes the changelog mentions:
.: Added a spamfilter for search results. It mainly works by remembering
files a user has marked as spam and marking files
   which seems to be very similar as spam too.
.: Spam results are drawn gray and always put to the end of the list
.: Spam results count max. 5 sources towards the 100 sources global
search limit

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QA Team, run test and see what they mean by "spam filter".

Dylan Douglas

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Does this affect us?

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Guys-- how do you see this affecting your performance (if at all)?
eMule Celebrates 5 Years with Version 0.78a
May 14, 2007
Drew Wilson
<javascript:fontSize(1)> <javascript:fontSize(2)>
As time goes on, things do change. New websites are formed, old ones go
offline. One of the biggest changes in the last two or three years was
probably the notable slow-down of innovation in new file-sharing
networks. While YouTube may be the latest craze, eMule's developers gave
users a reason to remember that some of the older file-sharing
powerhouses are still progressing to this day.

On the fifth anniversary, the eMule development team announced
<> that
version 0.78a has now been released.

"Time goes by and eMule grows up. Today (the day of this release) our
beloved eMule becomes 5 years old - Happy birthday" eMule's
administrator wrote, "Too keep it fit and healthy for the coming months
and years a new version, eMule 0.48a, has been prepared which is now
ready to be released."

The new updates includes:

* First step towards Vista by fixing most glitches and problems
Vista had with eMule and by this also support of multi user
installations (for all OSs)
* Support for UPnP
* A spam filter for search results
* Several GUI improvements like smiley support for IRC and
messages., nicer file tool tips and so on
* And as always fixing several bugs and adding other small changes

An extensive changelog
<> was
also released, accompanying the announcement.

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