album art

From: Dylan Douglas <>
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 13:09:53 -0700

Okay, here's what I can figure out:
mp3: album art: yes in both WMP and iTunes. No album art in QuickTime.
(All compatible)
wma: album art in WMP, incompatible with iTunes and QuickTime.
m4a: album art in iTunes, plays but no album art in QuickTime.
Incompatible with WMP
aac: Plays in QT, but doesn't show album art. Incompatible with
everything else.
mp4 renamed as a m4a: album art in iTunes and QT. WMP barfs on it.
(This one I made a video file that only has one frame [the logo] and
then encoded it as a mp4.)
Dylan Douglas
"dyed-in-the-wool online scalp hunter"

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