RE: Audible Magic monitoring results - 3rd week of testing in August

From: Daniel Lee <>
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 08:58:53 -0700

We had 8 fails in this week's results. Below is a breakdown of the

Ares - 2 fails out of 5 tests

The two fails on Ares mirrored what we saw internally where our
protection was spotty depending on which computer we used to test. Ty
is looking into a solution for this problem.

BitTorrent - 1 fail out of 1 test

They've tested Common - Finding Forever for three weeks straight. I'll
talk with the torrents team about dedicating more resources for this
album. A lot of the albums came from sites that the autoposter normally
does well on: Bitenova, Fenopy, Meganova, and TorrentPortal. We'll
download the files and see how accurate their album verification is.

eMule - 3 fails out of 5 tests

Three of the eMule tests were done on suspected MediaSentry servers and
two were done on real servers. Two of our fails came from the suspected
MediaSentry and the other fail was off a real server. Our server
presence in their met file was 22.5%, down slightly from 22.9% last
week. The number of our servers increased from 43 to 46. Below is a
summary of their met file.

This week
MediaDefender server presence 46 22.5%
Total Servers 204

Last week
MediaDefender server presence 43 22.9%
Total Servers 188

Soulseek - 2 fails out of 2 tests

Soulseek protection was down last week, but Linus has gotten his
protection up and running and we're seeing better internal results.
We'll work with him to get the protection up to an SLA level so that we
can pass next week's tests.

Thank you,

Daniel Lee

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