RE: Queue Order Changing

From: Dylan Douglas <>
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2007 16:04:35 -0700


Yeah, once you tell me that hash X should be at position N, all the
intermediate items between N_t0 and N_t1 will also change.

E.g.: You have 10 through 17. The user moves 16 to 12. The existing
12 through 15 are shifted up one to become 13 through 16.

That's why I'm thinking of only dealing with a hash and position to
prevent moving the wrong hash to the right position. You just have to
deal with the first request (move this hash there) and then the web
service will take care of moving all the other stuff.


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>Subject: Queue Order Changing
>So I'm working on the queue order stuff, and you said that you wanted
>to reference changes by the position in the db, not the webpage.
>So okay, what I have is a collection of objects in a series, numbered
>0-n (the web page index) and each contain a db position that I get
>from the server.
>Now, when a user changes an item's position, I check the web order,
>and from there I can figure out which item moved from where, and I
>can tell you that "db pos item N moved to replace db pos item M" ...
>But I don't know how you're storing stuff in the db, so does that now
>update the item position values? So, does pos item N now change its
>position value to M? And do all of the items in between shift their
>position values as well?
>The collection maintains the original position values (the web, 0-n
>numbers) so I can track an item's movement during multiple orderings.
>(Until they refresh the page, of course.) I just don't know if your
>db position values are fixed or what.
>- Z
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