The TiVo "This file may be deleted soon" message

From: Stefan Kaczmarek <>
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2007 06:40:51 -0700

I'm having a problem with this because of the way we have the tivo
logic set up.

Right now I get the entire library from the app, and then only
display the page they're looking at. When I have figured out which
sub-set of hashes I am going to display, I query the server for the
meta and tivo settings only for those hashes. Since I only know the
tivo settings for a sub-set of the library, I cannot reliably make a
determination which files are due to be deleted next. (That is, of
course, unless they're looking at the last page and there are
unlocked files on that page.)

So, what to do? I can put a message on ALL unlocked files if the
library is within 10% of being full, or just on the unlocked files on
the last page of the library, or something else completely different.

I could also just query the server for every library hash's tivo
settings, but since it's a query per hash, that would butt-rape the


- Z
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