RE: new ips for cyberverse

From: Ben Grodsky <>
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 16:50:17 -0700

I know in reality these were linux test servers and not that high priority. But the IT screw-up is still unacceptable and I already gave Steve an ear-full about it. :)
Also, I'd love to see achtung tape in the data center.


From: Ben Grodsky
Sent: Wed 11-Apr-07 16:50
To: Jose Calderon; IT
Cc: Dylan Douglas; Ty Heath; Jay Mairs
Subject: RE: new ips for cyberverse

Nothing can happen to Dylan's racks without his express written approval!
Buy some Achtung Neon Yellow Hazard Caution Tape stuff (as used in crime scenes) and tape off Dylan's ed2k server racks. Those are DHCP because they CANNOT be re-IPed. It takes months to have them climb ranks into other people's ed2k ranking lists. And since we're canceling Cyberverse and moving that stuff to DCA they're going to lose their ranking again in a few weeks. The move is one thing (it's planned and we're aware of it), but mistakenly re-IPing the ed2k servers CANNOT happen. Literally buy the Yellow Crime Scene tape, or ask Amaechi to buy it, and put that on Dylan's racks.
Don't worry about undoing this. What's done is done. But this cannot happen again. We literally lose money when the servers are re-IPed.


From: Jose Calderon
Sent: Wed 11-Apr-07 16:32
To: development; IT
Subject: RE: new ips for cyberverse

All the Cyberverse servers have been switched over the new IP's. When I do a ping sweep using nmap, all the server reply back with the exception of a few servers that need new hard drives and powersupplies, which we are waiting on.





From: Jose Calderon
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 7:18 PM
To: development; IT
Subject: new ips for cyberverse


I am giving new IP's to all four cyberverse networks.










Cyberverse 708 and 710 already have the new IP's and are online. But due to a DHCP issue, I have to statically set all the IP addresses, so it's taking me longer than it would normal take to swap out IP's. They should all be up by tomorrow morning. I have also included a namelist with these new IP's.


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