RE: Meeting Notes: 30 May 2007

From: Tabish Hasan <>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 12:02:10 -0700

They're called Seedboxes.

I haven't found "specific boxes" but I brought it up yesterday as an
avenue we can take to help seed our torrents, especially since our
internal IPs are blocked on some sites like piratebay and demonoid. I
heard about them a while back.

It's basically a dedicated server that has high bandwidth capacity,
which we can use to seed. It's not CPU/IP/RAM intensive. It's like using
your own computer to seed using utorrent, but instead you would use a
dedicated server that stays on all the time, is based in EU (so less
legal issues), and has much higher bandwidth capacity than most home

And instead of utorrent, we could use the program I mentioned yesterday,
torrentflux, which allows users to FTP/SSH into a linux server and seed
using config files and commands. No Windows needed.

We could probably get 1 dedicated server w/ 8 IPs, and have all our
torrents start with at least 8 seeds or more.

Here's some threads about them:


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From: Ben Ebert
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These are specific boxes that Tabish has seen, I'll ask him to
coordinate with you.

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Pedro or Herden,

What are the specs/requirements for these EU seeder boxes?

Cpu intense? IP intense? Ram intense? Bandwidth intense?


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Subject: Meeting Notes: 30 May 2007

Here are today's meeting notes. If I have missed anything, please revise
accordingly and send it around again.


* High Priority set for "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver
Surfer" (to Torrents).

        * Use High Quality trailers for old school decoys before
it leaks.
        * Use Chop n Screwed, Audio-Only, Re-Encoded (pixilated),
and Old School Decoys prior to leak.
        * Post decoys to Fox posting sites.
        * Send posted links to Mark.


* Continue to work with Steve to resolve issues for the Modem Pool
(to Torrents).


* Issues with the Hash Checker will be brought upon Dylan's


* Emphasize postings for the following projects (to Torrents)

        * "Spiderman 3"
        * Include the abbreviations (NIN) in the filenames for the
project Nine Inch Nails.
        * Balance the time spent in creating Chop n Screwed movie
files, Regular and 90% decoys (for now, more Regular and 90% decoys)..
        * Use Chop n Screw method for new selected UMG project for
the first two weeks.


* Obtain new seeder machines.

        * Option 1: Tabish to inform Grodsky in obtaining seed
boxes from Euro-dedicated servers.
        * Option 2: Seed from home personal machines.
        * Option 3: Use QA's dedicated servers.


* Gerald to collaborate with new dev-hire in getting our BT
tracker up and running.



Pedro Cortez

MediaDefender, Inc.

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