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From: Ben Grodsky <>
Date: Tue, 8 May 2007 09:40:02 -0700

honestly, i have 150 unread e-mails since last time i checked yesterday. so i only JUST saw the flurry of e-mails that ensued beyond the original one Jasper and i got from Dong. my guess is Dong is testing "track name" only and not "artist track name." we do generally hit well for soulseek, but i think it's only if the search string is right. for Shakira, in particular, it sounds like we had a Project Setup issue. considering how big an artist Shakira is, this is ridiculous. i'll e-mail Tabish that he should base what to test on part of one of the reports SonyBMG gets from Jasper -- an over view thing that Dong sorts by demand. the funny thing about ALL of this is that what's important to our customers is what we tell them is important -- the only reason anyone knows about OiNK is because we've sent 1000s of Leaks notifications that get forwarded around music execs in the last 2 years, while the reality is that there are much bigger torrent sites that offer more content. the same is true with reporting -- they think demand is important because they've been getting this legacy reporting for so long, which has been circled amongst many of the same high-level music (and movie) execs.


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I thought Tabish said we were hitting well on SS?

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This is Dylan's turf. You want him to work on Soulseek for SonyBMG or work on MiiVi?

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Hi Ben,

We're still not seeing you guys perform well on Soulseek. Can you please investigate the problem and ACTUALLY solve it (going on for months now)? In my most recent search I selected Beyonce Beautiful Liar and was able to download almost everything. We need to cut through the BS and solve this issue. With our new agreement approaching we should expect to see the efficacy easily above the 95% mark. It's very unfortunate when I have to tell SBME each week that you can't hit the mark. Please make this a priority. If you can't provide a good solution we will either have to request serious credits or pull this network from your services. As it stands right now it's a waste of our resources at this level of protection.

FYI: Some of your competing vendors are offering higher efficacy levels than what we are seeing here.



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