User Accounts and Publishing

From: Stefan Kaczmarek <>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007 10:57:40 -0700

You know, doing these form POSTs with all this extended info is kinda
silly to force it to be JSON when it doesn't need to be, and it's
also silly to make it kludgey where I post to some php file that
Dylan has on a server and it then re-directs to mine. Especially if
there's session info that I'd want to keep track of in a db as they
go through multiple pages publishing a file, like stupid PooTube.

What would be better would be a php file that I could include
("require") that has the appropriate db shit in it, and I can just
call a function in php to stick stuff in a db. Now, this can be a
file that is hosted somewhere else, but really, some of this stuff
could be made cooler if it was on the same box, and therefore we
could do some ajax-y crap as well.

I mean, what is the network layout going to be? I understand how some
services could end up on separate computers and stuff, but you'd
think that some stuff could be on the same web server box, like the
user account stuff, and therefore I could just call functions in a
php file that is on the same server.

Are you guys going to host this on a web server somewhere that is
hosted by someone else? Or on a box that you guys are going to maintain?

I just wonder if it's time for me to just put my stuff on the box
that it is going to be eventually run off of, so that we're not
constrained unnecessarily, and so that we won't have to re-test shit
when it goes onto the actual launch server.

- Z
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