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Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 19:57:56 -0400

Finalization of data migration should be done tonight. Repairing one of the tables took almost 3 hours, so I am waiting for the other repair before the data copying can take place.

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Here are today's meeting notes. If I have missed anything, please revise
accordingly and send it around again.


* Focus on blockbuster movies as summer approaches (to Torrents).

        * Verify with Fox upcoming release sheet.


* Use MD trackers and Old School Trackers on and to increase results for Torrentz (to Torrents).

        * Monitor postings for signs of moderator presence.


* Initiate decoying upon leak for any new UMG project (to

        * Use public trackers for Chop 'n' Screwed decoys

                * Send links for Chop 'n' Screwed decoys to Mark
for tracking.

        * Post for "Nine Inch Nails", "Bobby Valentino", and "Bone
Thugs N Harmony".


* Emphasize postings for UPics projects for all sites in addition
to MININOVA (to Torrents).

        * Improve results for "Georgia Rule" and TV shows.
        * Use Chop 'n" Screwed method with public trackers.

                * Send links for Chop 'n' Screwed decoys to Mark
for tracking.


* Begin posting and monitor status of Modem pool (to Torrents).

        * Confirm Command-line inputs for the Modem Pool with
Steve (rebooting, etc.) (to Herden).


* Research <> to determine best
use for front end use for public tracker (to Dev/Gerald).

        * Allow users to upload and use our tracker.
        * Enable admin access for Torrents.
        * Enable manipulation of seeds and peers.
        * Get the tracker on the public tracker list,


* A new old school tracker is available and ready for use (to

        * IP to be determined (should be dedicated server from


* Examine the differences/similarities between UPics and Paramount
decoys on Torrentspy (to Herden).


* Ebert will inform us on the status of the Database migration (to


* REMINDER: When use on the Modem Pool:

        * One user per Virtual Machine at any time.
        * Check connection with "ifconfig" command.
        * After connecting and during operation, leave terminal
        * Do not idle: Active connection or disconnect.
        * To clear terminal and make ready for next use, use
"disconnect" command.
        * Report issues to Steve.


Pedro Cortez

MediaDefender, Inc.

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