[PM #XKX-477386]: FW: keywords for MiiVi

From: Project Support <projecttickets_at_mediadefender.com>
Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2007 08:56:27 -0700


There were 3 BIG errors I saw, which I've just corrected:

1) You didn't close any of the bodies. In other words, </body> was missing from all the HTMLs.

2) Asian.html was misspelled "asain.html," so all those redirects were going to a dead page. As I have told you before, to avoid this TEST the links as you input them on PM.

3) Swallow.html and axxo.html both had double redirects in them (one for swallow/axxo and another for divx). I'm guessing this was a copy/paste error. This error could also have been avoided by TESTING the links as you input them on PM.

Google analytics is still not reporting any redirects (though statcounter is and the actual miivi site does seem to be under a heavier load). This might be because the </body> tag was missing, though that doesn't seem likely. I'm still trying to figure out whether there's something else wrong with the google analytics tags.


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