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We met with Stacy at WWE last week. I told her we would do leak alerts and monitoring (supply and demand) for free as an introduction to our service. She has chosen a title. Her primary concern is actually kind of weird. Of course she wants to know when it leaks in the traditional sense or when it is being streamed somewhere but she also wants to know even if a site is promoting that they are going to be streaming or offering a download in the future. She claims that they find sites ahead of time advertising that they will have the ppv event available "coming soon". She wants to get them before they actually start offering in these cases. She used a site called pwtorrents.com as an example. We would need leaks to be on the lookout for this site and others that are wrestling specific that might be talking about this event. Also, I foresee the report for her being customized (not our traditional reports) to not just give her a sense of supply and demand but to give her a broad view of everywhere on the Internet that this event is available. I told her we focus on the full event and not clips but this should be re-iterated at time of report.

I will email her and introduce you.



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Sunday, June 3rd we will be airing our WWE One Night Stand pay per view
at 8pm. I guess this would be good to monitor as the free demo.

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Subject: following-up

S -

It was great to see you on Friday. Let me know if there's anything
you need from us. In the meantime, we look forward to getting your
list of priorities so that we can run a "FREE" P2P anlaysis and give
you a snapshot of what's happening online. We look forward to
working together.

all the best.

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