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From: Octavio Herrera <>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 11:43:42 -0700

Can we discuss this today after lunch?



From: Jay Mairs
Sent: Friday, April 06, 2007 4:34 PM
To: Octavio Herrera; Randy Saaf
Subject: FW: checking in




FYI, I just got this from Jesse at Virgin.





From: Kanner, Jesse []
Sent: Friday, April 06, 2007 4:22 PM
To: Jay Mairs
Subject: checking in


Just a quick check-in to see how things are looking. Apparently my
boss's boss just inquired as to the status of things.


Any chance we'll see some data next week?







From: Kanner, Jesse
Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2007 3:58 PM
To: 'Jay Mairs ('
Cc: 'Octavio Herrera'; Schwartz, Syd
Subject: Data exchange - next steps

Good chatting with you today.


Just to recap our conversation.


In order to streamline things, we're breaking this project into a few
manageble chunks. Here's the approach:


1. You will start queries using the existing artist/track lists you
already have


2. You'll output data as we requested into separate tables for each

  (each track summarized by region)


3. We'll arrange for data pickup via ftp

  (most likely an automated pickup via CRON on our end pulling

   from your server)



Once we've taken a look at the results and agree it's what we need,
you'll resume with the other chunks:


4. Grabbing the artist/track list from us (SQL dump) and parsing that.


5. We'll re-check the output


6. Lastly we'll setup RSYNC to get the results back to us

   thereby replacing the FTP pulls.



As also discussed, you'll start with queries against the Guntella
network. Once we've seen those results, you'll expand to search
databases for Emule and BitTorrent. Ares not yet, but will be there
shortly. Piolet will be coming online soon as well.


Let me know if I've summarized this correctly and when you might expect
our first summary results.



Thanks again for all your help!







Jesse Kanner

Dir. Digital Marketing & Strategy

Capitol Music Group

150 5th Ave New York, NY 11011


jessekanner (aim)



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