RE: Ed2k user hash

From: Ben Grodsky <>
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 08:28:31 -0700

Would you talk to Sujay about getting this from KAD? If it's easy, we should just do it for them. They've asked several times.


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Lol. This is the question about how to identify uniqueusers by their hash on ed2k. They want that in their ed2k feed. :) we checked with Dan from QA and it WAS the field you thought it was. Markham was on crack with the sample hash he sent us. I think you said this would be a Dylan thing to work on. I know he's doing MiiVi still, but we need to know whether this will be possible and by when. I think so long as it's in the ed2k feeds within 8 weeks (that's when GE will give Markham DBAs to work on processing the raw data from us) we'll be ok.


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From: Jay Mairs
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Subject: RE: Ed2k user hash

I don't remember what we were doing on that.

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Hey Ben,

How are you guys doing with tracking users by ed2k user hash?

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