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From: Randy Saaf <randy_at_mediadefender.com>
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2007 18:21:55 -0700

Hi David:


I wanted to follow up on your data questions from last week using our
new system. As you can see from these charts I generated at
mi.mediadefender.com there was not much new activity with 50 Cent, but
Kanye saw some good activity. Kanye's two singles are very very
popular. At the bottom of the email, I put in a chart for Fergie for a
relative comparison. If they theory is that singles sell albums, then
Kanye should outsell Fergie and should kill 50 Cent. 50 has more songs
that are a little popular but no blow out singles.


I also included a graph of the Kanye album post leak with the singles
removed. I did this because the singles can drown out the granularity
of the non-singles. You can really see his songs Bittersweet and Barry
Bonds take off past the other songs.


There are not very many days of data yet, so no conclusions should be
drawn. Also, the charts are a lot easier to look at online. I
encourage everyone to play with the system. Gilbert (CCed on this
email) is available for as much customer support as you need.











Kanye's album data with the singles removed. Bittersweet blew up from
nothing to a pretty good score.





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