Re: Crap, does no one check any sources?

From: Randy Saaf <>
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 00:18:47 -0700

Thanks jay. Want to keep the confidence of the troops. Truth is I don't give a crap about most of this shit.

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From: Jay Mairs
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Subject: Re: Crap, does no one check any sources?

If the major news outlets aren't interested in the story, I would take that as an indication that the VAST majority of people don't give a shit about this story. However, if they do think it's worth writing about, we definitely want to get our side of the story in the mainstream media, so I think Randy's plan of going to the big tech media outlets is a good one.

So far the story has only been on techie, geek websites where everybody already hates us. If the story stays on these sites, we should let it die. So far, it's gone through digg and slashdot without gathering too much attention.(Seriously, look at some of the stories that have been dugg harder than this one in the past few days) All the rest of the stories are pretty much blogs linking to blogs linking to blogs, etc, etc.

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From: Randy Saaf
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Sent: Thu Jul 05 23:46:10 2007
Subject: Re: Crap, does no one check any sources?

Yeah. I am trying to get a real news source to do a story on this. I want wired, cnet, etc.

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From: Ivan Kwok
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Subject: RE: Crap, does no one check any sources?

Actually maybe we can take the oppuntunity to do a press release stating we're not associated with MPAA nor distributing copyrighted materials. Also the filters are just not completed yet and the site were meant for internal testing only.
If we continue not to respond to the false accusations and let miivi die, it's like silently admitting that all the rumors are true.

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Subject: Crap, does no one check any sources?
The MPAA has set up a decoy website aimed at snagging pirates, according to the website (whose motto is "technology with attitude"). According to the website, Media Defender, operating on behalf of the MPAA, has set up a site dubbed that offers "fast and easy video downloading all in one great site" including software that it says speeds up the downloading process. However, according to, the software actually searches the computer for other copyrighted files and sends the information back to Media Defender.

Dylan Douglas

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