RE: Competitors on Bittorrent

From: Daniel Lee <>
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2007 13:37:11 -0700

We're protecting Captivity and Bourne Ultimatum, but the decoys we found
weren't ours.



From: Randy Saaf
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Subject: RE: Competitors on Bittorrent


Are we not protecting it on BT?



From: Daniel Lee
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To: torrents
Cc: qateam
Subject: Competitors on Bittorrent


It looks like someone is protecting "Captivity," "I Know Who Killed Me"
and "Bourne Ultimatum" on Bittorrent.


"Captivity" is most likely being protected by Macrovision. They're
using the same DynDNS trackers that they used to post decoys for "Blades
of Glory."


"I Know Who Killed Me" is being protected by MediaSentry. I see them
interdicting it with their IPs. This is the second Sony project we've
seen them on (Spiderman 3 was the first). Torrents team, this would be
a good project to test whether they pickup our own decoys for


For "Bourne Ultimatum," I can't really tell who is protecting it because
there aren't obvious signs like interdiction (MediaSentry) or trackers
using DynDNS (Macrovision). They're using somewhat obscure trackers
that require registration. Could someone from the torrents team tell me
if these sites are legit and if so, can we use them to post our decoys?
This is one of the bigger Universal Pictures releases, so we'll research
it more and try to find out who is protecting it.


Here are some of the trackers they used for Bourne Ultimatum: <> <> <> <>


Note: They also used Demonoid and PirateBay to post fakes.




Thank you,


Daniel Lee
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