Re: real decoy distribution - kanye west

From: Ty Heath <>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 15:52:32 -0700

I'll make an ftp account available asap on one of my own servers.


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Subject: real decoy distribution - kanye west

Bo is finishing up mass creating a set of approved real content-filled decoys for the Kanye West album, which just leaked. Where should these files be made available for you to decoy them on real ed2k servers from your unbanned Server Beach dedicated servers, as we discussed at the end of yesterday's phone call?
The last time we decoyed files on real ed2k servers from your system, I think you rsynched the files from the QA FTP.


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New Ticket: Kanye West decoys


Please grab the mp3s from mdfile01 that Rendy made for Kanye West (their in the music folder on the torrents directory). Make 10 of each of these files with different file sizes and file names. Synch that out to the gnutella source and also post it to the mdfile01 some place else, because Ty will need to access the files.


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