FW: VeriSign follow up (#5947-000266-0283\2660283)

From: Ben Grodsky <grodsky_at_mediadefender.com>
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2007 21:04:24 -0700

Verisign is moving along ok w/ the dba stuff we gave them.

From: objectsign-support [mailto:objectsign-support_at_verisign.com]
Sent: Mon 16-Apr-07 20:19
To: Ben Grodsky
Subject: RE: VeriSign follow up (#5947-000266-0283\2660283)

Dear Ben Grodsky,

We have successfully received your proof of right document, organization is approved. Your status is verification, we will continue processing verification during your business hours.

If you have additional questions, please visit our world class Support web site.
You will find a range of support tools to help you including live chat assistance:

Thank you,


VeriSign Customer Support


 From: grodsky_at_mediadefender.com
 Posted At: 09:41:20.580 04/16/2007
 Posted To: objectsign-support_at_verisign.com
 Subject: RE: VeriSign follow up (#5947-000266-0283\2660283)

Please see the attached PDFs showing official county recording of Miivi, Inc. as D/B/A. Please contact me should further information/clarification be required. We are also faxing the attached documents to (650) 961-8870 now.

Ben Grodsky
Director of Operations
MediaDefender, Inc. and Miivi, Inc.
W: 310.956.3355
AIM: grodskymd
grodsky_at_mediadefender.com <mailto:grodsky_at_mediadefender.com>


From: objectsign-support [mailto:objectsign-support_at_verisign.com]
Sent: Mon 16-Apr-07 08:07
To: Ben Grodsky
Subject: Re: VeriSign follow up (#5947-000266-0283\2660283)


Dear Verisign Customer,

Order Number: 254865149
Common Name = Miivi, Inc.

To continue processing the certificate indicated above, VeriSign
must receive validation of the business identity using one of the
choices below. Validation of a Digital ID requires documentation
that will validate your right to use the Organization
Name listed in the web site certificate.

NOTE: If you already submitted a DUNS number and have
received this e-mail, we were unable to apply it to your order.
The most common reasons are the organization
in the order does not match the DUNS number, the report is in a
revision status, or the report may not reference officially filed
state/government proof of right documents. Please provide an
alternate form of Proof of Right document. Examples
are listed below.

Acceptable Proof of Right

DUNS report that meets VeriSign's requirements
Articles of Incorporation
Business License
Certificate of Formation
Doing Business As
Registration of Trade Name
Charter Documents
Partnership Papers

Tax licenses (US customers only)

VeriSign DOES NOT accept Federally issued tax
                licenses as valid Proof of Right.
VeriSign DOES accept State issued tax licenses as
                valid Proof of Right in the following circumstances:
 - Non-profit organizations and sole proprietorships
                (in either case the state tax documents must list the
                organization as non-profit or sole proprietor)
 - Tax documents issued by the following states ONLY:
                Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri,
                New Jersey, New York, Texas, Washington

If you have submitted this information already, please
disregard this message.

** All documentation must show an official filing date of
recording **

Documentation should be faxed to (650) 961-8870, including
the certificate web site name (Common Name) and order number.

For further information regarding the status of your order, please go to http://www.verisign.com/status

Thank you,


VeriSign Customer Support

If you would like to check the status of your Digital Certificate order or Chat with a Customer Service Representative,

please go to http://www.verisign.com/products-services/security-services/ssl/Check_Order_Status/order-status.html

NOTE: Chat hours are 24 hours Monday - Friday PST

To search for technical and product information please try our updated support pages at www.verisign.com/support



 From: grodsky_at_mediadefender.com
 Posted At: 17:33:58.930 04/13/2007
 Posted To: objectsign-support_at_verisign.com objectsign-support_at_verisign.com
 Subject: Re: VeriSign follow up


We're still awaiting a follow-up email from you about what you need to continue processing our order (#254865149). Your website tells me that I will be contacted (as I'm the Technical and Organizational contacts), however when you did contact me via phone Wednesday you indicated that I would receive a follow-up e-mail from VeriSign asking for more info of some kind.


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