dev server rules

From: Ty Heath <>
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2007 17:11:44 -0700

I want to remind everyone about some of the rules concerning
development server use that we must all observe:

#1. Don't install anything that is not in our yum repository.
#2. Don't remove, install or otherwise modify the .repo files.
#3. Don't run anything in the office that uses more then 5-10 Mb/s
of traffic or generates more than 10k connections. 50 other
employees are affected when you do this.
#4. The configuration of this server must match the production
servers. If you are considering changing any setting that may
possibly affect other peoples projects, please stop and ask questions.
#5. If you need an external library/rpm/package installed then
please ask myself or Ivan and we will make sure that installing it
won't break the server or affect any of the other developers projects.

Please remember that if any of these rules are broken, other peoples
work can, will and already have been affected, hence this email.

Thanks, I'm just trying to keep things running smoothly here.

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