Dev Status Update - 6 April 2007

From: Ben Grodsky <>
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2007 12:16:35 -0700

Danny out today. Talk to Ebert and Jay about status update.

Tabish/QA to begin testing proxy

* does installer work?

* Does it crash?

* Does it drive resources crazy?

* Test for now is just to see how it runs on multiple computers

* Eventually, will need to test the eMule file list uploading functionality using identifiable strings


* proxy

        * testing on proxy server

        * bug issue with installer

        * should be ready to get to QA

                * what servers are they uploading file lists to

                * what do those file lists look like

* talk in detail w/ Jay about Push services as soon as QA starts testing


* got queue working

* make script that looks at Ty's global stuff 1ce daily

        * will give fresh sources daily

        * Ty has 2 tables

                * one of supply to IP

                * and one of hash to meta data

* making edit queue script. Not sure whether to add/move/delete hash

* have to get command line of Steffan's applet to Ivan for thumbnail generation

        * code in place to say "no thumbnail exists, go make one"

        * now have to make those thumbnails

        * Steffan was waiting on sources service


* Santosh and Sheetal coming on board

* Danny got feed stuff ready for Dr. Hann

        * Hann is on baby-leave

* BT dev moving along nicely on AP

        * will work on improving stuff for Univ Studs


* shareaza changes to affect hits

        * recording in db when last hit came from where ???

        * only looking at singles for audio projects

* AP

        * wasn't grabbing all usernames from db

* BT website migrating to Andrew's web server

        * should record as much data as possible

        * should start using this as an analysis tool

                * have to make sure data is as complete as possible

                * have to think of different ways to present different torrent data from Jed's d/l tool


* working on geoip

* had simple version running that was NOT optimized at all

        * working with Sujay and 9esh to re-do optimized

* make 2 versions of site on same server

        * one for meetings w/ Patrick, Doug, etc. that has stable data and clean look

        * one for current dev tweaks


* computers using at Dcb aren't good enough for SLA-level hitting

        * have to set up with QA tracks to test

        * will start Monday

* data collection with new tweaks likely to start next week (pending stability this weekend)

* kad supply stable and running for several days

        * to get more data, run on multiple machines


* geoip changes made for Uni Studs BT

* bt searcher having connection problems

* issues d/ling torrents where sites don't have hashes

        * some overlap w/ Jed's stuff

        * have list of URLs for all the torrents that already exist. Now skipping all torrents that have that hash already


* looks at existing entries in db and assumes certain things about that entry

* moved auto-interdiction logic to db

        * which hashes to ignore now in db

* low # problem for geoip was tracked down

* compared auto interdiction to manual interdiction positing: one project

        * manually had 77

        * auto found 49/77 and 13 extra

        * now have to look at what the 13 are that were found automatically and how they're distinguished from the manually found ones

        * also, why where the 28 missed by the auto system?

* Check with Ivan where he records in db what torrents are dead (after 48 hrs of inactivity)

* working on threading part of AP queue

        * bogged down db

        * should be threaded by end of next week


* left a bunch of CF processing running, but issues came up....

* Working on some more optimization to find intersection ???

* should have some good data to look at Monday
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