RE: Current miivi issues

From: Dylan Douglas <>
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2007 11:55:02 -0700

Finished 17. Made a generic "?" that animates. Was thinking of having
the words MiiVi fly through the background. But didn't care enough to
do it.


        From: Jay Mairs
        Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2007 4:56 PM
        To: Stefan Kaczmarek
        Cc: Ty Heath; Sergio Alvarez; Ivan Kwok; Ben Ebert; Dylan
        Subject: RE: Current miivi issues

        My resonses to your resonses : (Dylan, read #14)


        1. Ok

        2. Ok

        3. I'm not too worried about this one. Just want to make
sure it doesn't get lost in the shuffle

        4. Ok

        5. The second one. Instead of "Click here to continue" or
whatever it does now, have it go to a page where we can explain the
keyphrases and have them add phrases.

        6. Ok

        7. Ok -> Yeah, but "add to queue" doesn't exactly make
sense for "My Library" search results. Really those results are just a
subset of the history or library.

        8. Ok

        9. Ok

        10. Ok

        11. I mean the link at the top of the page, not the green

        12. N/A

        13. Ok for now

        14. Dylan, only send a posted date for published files, not
for Ares files

        15. Ok

        16. Looks fine to me

        17. N/A


        From: Stefan Kaczmarek []
        Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2007 3:02 PM
        To: Jay Mairs
        Cc: Ty Heath; Sergio Alvarez; Ivan Kwok; Ben Ebert;
        Subject: Re: Current miivi issues


        My resonses:


        1. The app will now, for each transfer, purge any stale or
unused sources every hour and connect to the server to get a new list.
This should fix any slowdown issues.

        2. There is now a global variable that keeps track of the last
time an ares connection was made. Whenever a new connection is asking to
be made, if the last time is less than a second, then it is denied.

        3. I think that moving all of my files into the root folder and
all the include files into an include folder or something sounds
appropriate. What do you guys think?

        4. The default upload setting for new accounts is now "Medium"
which is the 60kB/s. "Fast" is unlimited upload. The download settings
remain unchanged.

        5. Well, right now the keywords are added one at a time when an
account is created. Either we can, upon account creation, shoot them to
the edit account page to enter them in, or require that they enter in
say 3-5 keywords or something. Let me know what is preferred.

        6. Done.

        7. Well that's annoying as all hell ... But ok. (TODO)

        8. Dylan? Serge? Whoever ... When you give me their queue and
the search results, I guess along with the rating value, give me a
health value as well, 0-5, and I'll just do the same things with the
ASCII stars. I don't know how you want to come up with the value, and I
don't really care.

        9. Done.

        10. Done.

        11. Move to top works for me on FF OS X and IE XP, so ... yeah.

        12. N/A

        13. Done. (Although right now it's really basic. Just let me
know what verbage you want there.)

        14. Well, for Ares files just don't send me the posted date,
then. Just send an empty JSON string.

        15. Number of views will now only be visible if the value is
over 50.

        16. It's not as bright now. Better?

        17. N/A


        So new app, new applet, new php.


        - Z


        On May 23, 2007, at 11:04 AM, Jay Mairs wrote:


        Ok, I've been slowly giving out Miivi to-do's, but I'm going to
be out of the office for the next week, so I'm going to dump a bunch of
them on you guys before I leave J


        I'll list these issues out and label them with the people that I
think are probably responsible for them. If I label you responsible for
something that you're not responsible for, don't freak out and get
pissed, just reply and tell me who you think IS responsible for it, OK?


        OK. These are in approximate order of priority.


        1. Stefan - The app slows down after running for an
extended period of time(more than a couple hours). If the app is
killed, then restarted, the transfer goes back to being fast again.
This seems to be pretty consistent and has been noticed by multiple
people, including Randy(on XP). I see it on my windows vista machine at
work and my mac at home.


        2. Stefan - Is the network management stuff for multiple
users in there? Like if there are 5 users registered to a GUID, does it
handle that situation OK? Before it would swamp out the network on the


        3. Stefan, Dylan?, Sergio? - The directory names will need
to be scrubbed, like zonie on the server and Pushnet on the client. If
you need to rename it, have it be "MiiVi" or something like that.


        4. Stefan - Randy wanted the default upload limit to be
set to ~60k and the fastest setting to be unlimited so that college
students, etc. can use their fat connections if they want to.


        5. Stefan, Sergio?, Dylan? - The process of creating an
account should include setting up the list of keyphrases for the queue


        6. Stefan - The "install application" button on the applet
should be changed to say "Install MiiVi"


        7. Stefan - The format of the history search results
should look like the history list. Ditto for the library search


        8. Stefan, Dylan? - Randy wants a download health
displayed to the user. It can just be based on the number of sources
for now, probably weighted for Miivi sources.


        9. Stefan - Page #'s at the bottom of the search results


        10. Stefan - Have the screenshot on the media page link to
"play file" if they have the file and "add to queue" if they don't.


        11. Stefan - Move to top doesn't work


        12. Sergio - The name "MiiViSystray" should be replaced with
"MiiVi" everywhere.


        13. Stefan, Sergio? - There should be a link to a download
page between the forum and upload links. The download links for the
installers should be on that page.


        14. Stefan - For files from Ares, don't show the posted date.


        15. Stefan - Only show # of views if it is above a threshold
(50, I guess)


        16. Stefan - Randy says the red for the "about to be deleted"
is too bright.


        17. Ivan - Default Icons for video, picture, etc. should be
higher res (better looking).



        That's it. Please feel free to reply about how
stupid/useless/difficult/etc. these things are. Or if you need any
clarification, of course.





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