Meeting Notes: 25 July 2007

From: Pedro Cortez <>
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 17:04:54 -0700

Here are today's meeting notes. If I have missed anything, please revise
accordingly and send it around again.


* We welcome the new addition to the team: Benny Mao.

        * He will be taking over Herden's duties and much MUCH


* Benny, Rendy and Niles will conduct research of recently added
Fox sites.

        * Herden has updated Benny on our resources, lists and
        * Rendy and Niles to test decoys with a variety of
trackers to determine life-span of decoy on new sites.

                * Rendy to continue investigation on BTjunkie's
filtering mechanisms.
                * QA will scan BTjunkie for our decoy presence.

        * Ebert is to provide one new IP for now to test of
effectiveness on the new Fox sites.

                * Post a round of Regular decoys incorporating
this IP with the old MD trackers (to Torrents).
                * Monitor effectiveness on the new Fox sites
(BTjunkie, Torrentlocomotive).


* Post Regular decoys for "The Simpsons Movie" (to Torrents).

        * Use a variety of trackers (MD and Public).
        * Start to inflate high seed numbers.
        * Ebert to supply Torrents with new version of BNBT with
higher seed numbers (10K+).


* Herden's recommneded user-upload-friendly Fox sites to be
implemented to the Autoposter and BTposter (To Jed, Torrents).

        * Post to these sites manually as well (to Torrents).


* Extratorrent and will be put on a posting
schedule with the Autoposter (to Dev, Ebert).

        * This is to ensure our presence in the search results.

                * Fox project decoys will be posted every three to
five hours.


* Gerald is in talks of acquiring services from a Proxy/IP
Anonymous Provider.

        * Inform Grodsky, Ebert, and Benny of price, rates,
trials, etc.




Pedro Cortez

MediaDefender, Inc.

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