From: Dylan Douglas <>
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2007 14:32:45 -0700

So the Ares hookup of the search will have to take a search string,
either straight ASCII or possibly HTML encoded Unicode. Does Ares
support Unicode searching? I still have to look up php making calls to
ip:ports, but your input would be: search string and a max number of
results to return.
You should return: { "filename": "...", "size": "...", "hash": "..." }
where the ... are the appropriate value. If there is more than one
result, separate them with commas, e.g.:
{ "filename": "Sexytime Bikini Party.avi", "size": "123456789", "hash":
"789012431243789243789024378901243789243" }, { "filename": "Big
sexytime.avi", "size": "234567890", "hash":
"437892439237892437892437892437893789243" }, { "filename": "sexytime
borat.mpg", "size": "14567289", "hash":
"123123689123689123890123689901243789243" }
I'll let you know about the incoming data when I know how it will look
when I pass it in.
Dylan Douglas

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