Regarding Employment Verification Letter

From: Akshay Singhal <>
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2007 22:23:12 -0700

Hello Ben,

Its been 4 months since I left MediaDefender but I still miss the work I was
doing there. I would have really liked it if I were still working there, but
due to some unavoidable circumstances I had to move back to India.

I was planning to come back to the US to gain some more work experience
here, but I still am not sure about which city I would be working in. In
this regards, I am requesting you to provide me with an employment
verification letter which states that I had worked at MediaDefender as an
intern and later as a full time employee from June 5th 2006 thru Feb 28,
2007. The letter should also specify some of my job responsibilities and
specific work skills. In addition, some other details that need to be
specified are: Annual Salary Earned while employed at MediaDefender, Start
and End dates of employement, Employement Office Location, Social Security
Number on employement records while I was employed there.

I need this letter because while applying for any kind of US work visa, I
have to provide proof of previous work experience I have had in the US. I
know it might be difficult for you to provide this letter immediately, I can
mail you a template for such an employement verification letter which you
can proof-read and send back to me on the company letter-head with your
signature (or digital signature, if possible) via email.

Kindly tell me what works best for you. I hope I'm not causing you much
problem with this. In case I decide to work in LA again, I would definitely
contact you and know the hiring status at MediaDefender.

Thank you for your time.

Kind regards
Akshay Singhal
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