modem pool

From: Randy Saaf <>
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 13:31:51 -0700

There are a couple new web 2.0 apps that allow you to dial your phone
number from a local account. It is intended for people to not have to
give their real phone number out on myspace but has a nice added benefit
of being able to make long distance calls as local calls, even
internationally. We tried this with Skype, and it didn't' work.
However, this seems to rout the call phone to phone


Benny and Ben:

Please look into this with regard to the modem pool. I would like an
update on this by Friday. In general, I want to know if we can get dial
up accounts in different states and countries. Jay will be back
tomorrow and might be able to flesh out a better test.


Ty and Ivan: feel free to put in your 2 cents. If anyone knows of
anything similar, reply to all.


Steve is still out for 2 weeks.



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