migrating bt databases

From: Dylan Douglas <dylan_at_mediadefender.com>
Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 17:13:08 -0700

I updated the BT interface to the new database ip, torrent team, get it
from: \\Mdfile01\public\Dev\Dylan\BTTorrentInterface
it should be BTTorrentInterface_v0033.exe
The generator has also been updated.
The BT clients haven't synched out yet, since I clicked rescan
directories, and now I think that it's hashing all the decoy files,
since the directory has changed, but no one clicked the button before.
So, I have to make the changes manually since there is no telling how
many files need to be hashed or how long it will take. (FYI, remember
to click the rescan directory button when you make changes to the 90%
decoy file directory. Otherwise the new files will not synch out.)
The trackers are synching out to the ed2k networks and Ivan's networks.
Any trackers that are not responding by tomorrow probably have both
versions running in TK, and a simple restart should get the new version
up and running.
I'm still trying to dump the piece database to the new database, but the
tables have gotten gigantic and I'm trying to trim them down before the
dump. A single delete query also crashed the database, so I'm doing it
thousand by thousand. With luck, that data will be transferred by the
morning. Nothing is going to work properly with the generated torrents
until that data is migrated.
Dylan Douglas

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