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From: Michael Potts <>
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 13:30:33 -0700

I haven't been able to get into this site. Meaning that the page doesn't load for me to login. Just let me know if there is work being done and when a good time might be to review. I'm looking forward to it. Thanks.
- Michael

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        When you get a chance, we would love you to start taking a look at That is the current home of our MiiVi site. We have totally locked-down the site, while we improve the look and feel from the blogosphere saw. Accordingly, to access the site you will need to login using the following login/password mcat/abc123 (we have also made a login/password for Bobby, in case you think we could use some help with our graphics :) -- bdizzle/abc123).

        Once you log on the site, surf over to to get our application. The website currently acts a GUI for the application. When we go live with the site for the general public, there will also be a java applet that also minimal/one-off type use of MiiVi (but this feature is inaccessible with the current locked-down version of the site).

        I'll only be in for a 1/2 day today and will be out tomorrow and Wednesday, but if you'd like me to go over the above with you (to make sure you get sorted on the site), just let me know. The current version of the site is a little unintuitive; this is partly because the developers working on the site are primarily C++ programmers (and have no concept of how to make a website easy to navigate, this where you come in) and because we've been focused on optimizing the back-end.



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