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From: Ivan Kwok <>
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2007 12:39:04 -0800

Z, can you name the output filename as hash.ext(whatever the original extension is)? Also write out the file to output directory only when it's done or done with the specified MB to download? Because I have another thread just constantly scanning the output directory to generate thumbnails. Thanks.

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Ok, here's the console applet.

To use it, you just say:

java -jar console.jar hash=<hash> [path=<path>] [mb=<mb>] [source]

"hash" is the only requred field. It's the 40-byte sha-1.

If "path" is not set, it just writes it to the current folder. It
will not create folders, so if you're going to want it to be put in a
folder, make sure it already exists. "mb" is the number of MB you
want it to download. (Since it deals in multiples of 10MB at this
point, every value will be rounded up to the nearest 10MB.)

If "source" is set, then the app will not close when it is done, but
will instead continue running as a source. If it is not set, then it
will close when it is done.

You can't combine a MB limit with "source", though, because you're
not really a source if you limi the mb downloaded.

Any problems or questions, just let me know.

I'll CVS the source, as well.

Oh, and just and FYI, when you see a bunch of numbers go by in
parenthesis, that is just a connection attempt. The number is the
"rank" of the source. All sources start out with a rank of 0, and
increase or decrease based on if they are connectable, are busy, etc.

- Z
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