RE: Limewire: Rihanna - Don't Stop the Music

From: Ivan Kwok <>
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 19:09:56 -0700

It hits when I search "rihanna stop the music".

SuJay, when you create the QRP table, make sure you add every words in
the track title, not just the track keywords.


There is also a project called "COMMON WORDS-2005-04-21", in which,
there are a list of common keywords that you you should also add them to
your QRP table on EACH of your machine. So don't load balance this




From: Tabish Hasan
Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2007 6:54 PM
To: Ivan Kwok; Sujay Jaju
Cc: qateam; Jay Mairs; Ben Grodsky
Subject: Limewire: Rihanna - Don't Stop the Music


Ivan / Sujay,


We're not hitting for this track on Gnutella. Marcelo noticed we had
plenty of supply for it, but no matter which DS we try, we don't see us
hitting. Audible Magic weren't able to get enough results for this track
either (only 8).


Please look into it.


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