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From: Ben Grodsky <grodsky_at_mediadefender.com>
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 12:37:56 -0700

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From: Ben Grodsky
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I said 10% of the company. We have over 50 folks....

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Oh, I'm so sorry.

I didn't realize that Steve couldn't multitask in 5 months to do something that took you something like a matter of hours (if not minutes) to do.

And it's not just me that would benefit. I know that Chris and Jay would want it also. I don't know how many others, but I know it's not just me.



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>To: Dylan Douglas
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>He ordered it last week when jay and I ordered the one for
>MiiVi. The work jay and I did does NOT help for this one as
>MiiVi's was done thru a d/b/a we had to setup and make sure
>was completely UNassociated from MediaDefender/ArtistDirect
>for average superficial stuff (whois lookup, EULAs, etc). I'm
>working with him on the cert today, but you do realize this is
>just lower priority than other things that are going on - not
>an excuse, just an explanation. This cert just allows you to
>access email more directly via your phone and doesn't add as
>much value as any other company benefit would (I'm not even
>sure anyone would consider this a benefit), and as it affects
>less than 10% of the company there hasn't been a big push for
>this. The alternative I gave you over a year ago was to get a
>blackberry paid-for by the company, I know you were under
>contract still with Cingular (or whatever), but that's the
>option. We are dealing with the cert today after researching
>Mac Pros, the modem pool for Pedro (which is more than a
>5-month issue) and the current MiiVi database ram issue....
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>From: Dylan Douglas
>To: Ben Grodsky
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>Subject: exchange cert
>So, Steve still hasn't gotten the cert for the Exchange
>server. And it looks like you have not only gotten one, but
>are getting a second one in ~two weeks. I don't know what
>Steve's hold up is, but in 5 months, he should be able to get
>at least one. Can you ask him if you should order the thing?
>Dylan Douglas
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