FW: Announcing VeohTV BETA

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FYI, here's one of their marketing emails.





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Dear Veoh user -

We're launching a totally new way to experience Internet Television -

VeohTV BETA is a free specialized video browser that turns online video
into Internet Television.

Watch video from thousands of web sites, in one easy-to-use full screen
application. Watch streaming video from major television networks such
as Fox and CBS, to independently-produced content available on sites
such as YouTube, Google Video, Veoh.com and MySpace.

VeohTV makes watching Internet video as simple as watching television -
navigate with a keyboard and mouse or use a PC remote control. VeohTV is
like a free DVR for web video. Watch video on-demand or record it to
your hard drive to watch later. You can watch your favorite shows in
full-screen on your PC, or connect your PC to your television.

VeohTV is currently in a closed beta with a limited number of beta
invitations available on a daily basis. If you'd like to request an
invitation, visit www.veoh.tv.

Experience Internet Television with VeohTV!

The VeohTV Team


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