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From: Randy Saaf <>
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 19:00:01 -0700

Thanks. So people can publish their own streams? I did not completely understand your comment about the widget. Is it something to put the streams on your myspace?

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From: Jay Mairs
To: Randy Saaf; Ben Grodsky
Sent: Sun Jul 29 18:41:19 2007
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Seems like on crack. The searchability works well, they claim they're legal, but being able to stream any song on demand for free sounds too good to be true.

Technically, it looks like an index of webcasts served mostly from the mercora server. Their marketing crap refers to P2P, but the streams are generated by single users and for most of them, that user is offline, which tells me the stream is being handled by a server.

I thought it was pretty cool to use. Definitely gives more user control than Pandora and the other free streaming sites I've seen. They have a widget for publishing the streams you set up.

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From: Randy Saaf
To: Jay Mairs; Ben Grodsky
Sent: Sat Jul 28 11:33:29 2007
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Would you guys check out and let me know what you think?
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