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From: Randy Saaf <randy_at_mediadefender.com>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 09:50:17 -0700


The outlook webmail has a pretty clean instruction for activating the area you compose emails in. It says "press space bar to activate this control". You should show that to gerald.


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Last time I spoke with Gerald (yesterday at 3 pm) we agreed we'd wait until Steve had the email situation set up before he added the Terms of Service link. Interesting...


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Rest assured: All of those things are there.

The formatting is just centered for some reason, but the dmca procedure is very similar to torrentspy's and is stipulated, you're right the title of the Terms of Service is screwey, the privacy statement is in there and so are references to coppa (the child online privacy protection act) and the alaskan law about spyware (this part should be removed from website). I'll tweak with Gerald as soon as possible (probably tomorrow). I didn't know these changes were made until I saw the site about 30 min ago.... I thought we were waiting for Steffan/Dylan to CVS.

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I see the terms of service is at the bottom now. couple points.

1. need dmca takedown procedure.
2. we should have a terms of service that covers the application, the applet, and the website. the top of the terms of service refers only to the application.
3. we may need a privacy statement. it may not be a legal thing, but a good policy thing. I am not sure. Some of this we can copy the structure from artistdirect.com


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