Universal Studios .torrents

From: Ben Grodsky <grodsky_at_mediadefender.com>
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2007 11:46:26 -0700


Universal Studios is going to begin providing us the .torrents they successfully download from during their effectiveness testing. I don't know how many to expect from them, or whether this is a BAD idea. This time around they provided ~70 torrents total. I've put the .torrents in the below directories, please synch these to the main interdiction server (assuming no one has a problem with this procedure):

* \\mdfile01\public\QA\Torrent Testing\Universal Studios Torrents\30 ROCK\unsorted
* \\Mdfile01\public\QA\Torrent Testing\Universal Studios Torrents\Battlestar_Galactica_S03\unsorted
* \\Mdfile01\public\QA\Torrent Testing\Universal Studios Torrents\Breach\unsorted
* \\Mdfile01\public\QA\Torrent Testing\Universal Studios Torrents\House\unsorted
* \\Mdfile01\public\QA\Torrent Testing\Universal Studios Torrents\Law and order\unsorted
* \\Mdfile01\public\QA\Torrent Testing\Universal Studios Torrents\SNL\unsorted
* \\Mdfile01\public\QA\Torrent Testing\Universal Studios Torrents\Scrubs\unsorted

        * NOTE: there was no directory for "Scrubs," so I created one.

* \\Mdfile01\public\QA\Torrent Testing\Universal Studios Torrents\Smokin Aces\unsorted
* \\Mdfile01\public\QA\Torrent Testing\Universal Studios Torrents\The_Hitcher\unsorted

        * NOTE: there was no directory for "The Hitcher," so I created one with an underscore (_).

* \\Mdfile01\public\QA\Torrent Testing\Universal Studios Torrents\The Office\unsorted

QA - What procedure/process is in place to remove torrents from interdiction when they are no longer getting BT protection? Does/should Gilbert e-mail you when Universal Studios changes projects? If so, do you archive titles that are not currently getting BT protection?

Ben, Ivan, Jay, and Ty CCed on ticket in case they think any part of this is a bad idea.


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