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From: Herden Daza <>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2007 10:33:23 -0700

The statcounter is for monitoring the amount of traffic we get on
reactiontorrents to gauge if we are truly being used by the masses and
gaining cred or just being watched by a few. Gerald and I have pushed
the site on a couple of trackerlist sites (, and we are curious bout who's lookin.


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I'll be at hooters with y'all. :)

What's the statcounter comment in reference to?


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Here are today's meeting notes. If I have missed anything, please revise
accordingly and send it around again.


* REMINDER: The Simpsons Movie is released this Friday (to

        * Use a variety of decoys (Chop n Screwed, regulars, old
school, etc.)
        * Add real torrent files to the interdiction system.
        * Post comments.
        * Ensure posts go to trouble sites.
        * Flood MD-friendly sites.


* Add a new category to the BTgenerator to identify non-MD fake
files for projects we are protecting (to Dylan).


* Maintain posting levels for "Die Hard 4" decoys as it will
likely to be tested next (to Torrents).


* Verify decoys from Fox test results to identify false positives
(to Rendy).

        * QA will store test results in QA MDfile server (to
        * Request that BayTSP send .torrent files that were
successfully downloaded (to Ebert, Grodsky).


* Compile the following lists to document information about our BT
services (to Herden, Torrents).

        * List of Decoy Methods and update Torrent Matrix Site
        * List of current projects and their priority status.
        * List of trackers detailed as either Active (regular, old
school, 90%), Banned, Hijacked, and popular Public trackers.
        * List of banned IP ranges.
        * List of Dedicated Servers and their functionality.


* Determine which projects need to be added to the Auto-Poster (to

        * Specifically, Music projects from EMI and UMG.
        * Consult with the Project Managers on which projects
currently receive BT protection.


* Supply Public trackers for Inflation testing to Jed (to


* Training session to exploit Media Sentry's inflation to be
conducted by Pedro (to Torrents).


* Monitor the activities of (to Gerald).

        * Add a stat counter to monitor site traffic.


* Pay special attention to the following sites Fox has attributed
for testing (to Torrents).

        * BTmon, BTjunkie, Torrentlocomotive. Flixflux, Monova., and Torrentview.
        * Manually post to these sites as permitted.


* Tracker changes will take in effect once new machines are
available (to Ebert, Torrents).

        * A blank tracker will be set up in reserve.
        * Set up new trackers for regular decoys and 90% decoys
(to Dylan).


* New Project manager will start on July 30th.

        * Name: Benny Mao
        * Check with IT to make sure he is on appropriate mailing
lists (to Herden).
        * Herden's last day: July 31st

                * Party at pay! (to Torrents)


Pedro Cortez

MediaDefender, Inc.

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