miivi suggestions

From: Ben Grodsky <grodsky_at_mediadefender.com>
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 22:49:24 -0700

i was running miivi at home and came across a few things

1. there should be minimum file size threshold (probably 3 megs). i got 3 misnamed viruses that were 140-160 kb.
2. when adding titles to queue (through related, or whatever) they shouldn't go to the top by default. i kept adding shit from the related (because it's the only way i can get new content right now that's not in my queue), but it always disrupted my current download.
3. file size on the preview view when you click on the file name to see the bigger image of the preview of something in your queue (i think you were talking about this today anyway)
4. not a big deal, and i already told you about this: block ability to comment in videos with <html> tags. i was able to create an open link that didn't close and corrupted some of the site functionality below it, until i closed the link with a </a>
5. queue should be smaller than 30. the queue should only be as tall as the "related" and "recently downloaded" combined. the way it is right now, i can't see what the related videos are for things at the bottom of my queue. i'd rather have Next and Previous buttons to see what else is in my queue.
6. i think the site broke at 1045 PM. all of a sudden, the java console just told me "Could not find a Transfer for hash" and just cycled through the hashes it was trying to connect to. if this means there are no sources, then some logic should be there to fail and just try the next thing in queue.
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