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Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 16:46:41 -0700

The recent numbers I've seen for Break have it at about 3.6mm uniques US & 5.8mm uniques Worldwide. That's in comparison to our site which is 2.2mm uniques US and 5.6mm uniques Worldwide. That's our site only and not the network. I see the discrepancy between Alexa and Quantcast. Alexa is too high and Quantcast is too low. The real numbers are more than likely somehow in the middle. I compared the traffic score in Alexa to some other sites that I can see the numbers for in comScore and they list Break as being higher in Alexa than some of those sites, which are actually much higher in comScore. Also, has some other properties that could be getting factored in Alexa, although they shouldn't be. I hope this helps. Thanks.
- Michael

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        Can you pull the traffic numbers from for Let me know how they look relative to We have a meeting with them next week. I have looked at quantcast and alexa and they both give opposite answers to the traffic. Thanks.



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