Adding to your queue

From: Stefan Kaczmarek <>
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 20:24:55 -0700


Right now if you try and add something to your queue that is already
in there, it returns "DB Error: already exists" ... which isn't valid
JSON. If there's an error, how about you return a JSON string with an
'error' param with some sort of descriptor ... or something ... I
guess just don't return text ... Hell, you could put "DB Error:
already exists" as the 'error' value. I don't care. :)

Because right now, when there's a successful add, you return nothing,
right? Just returning an empty JSON would be cool by me ... or an
'error' 'none' or '0' or something. Just so that I know shit
completed correctly.

- Z
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