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From: Ben Grodsky <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 16:46:55 -0700

Randy and I had a long talk with Jay this morning about this. We can do some state of p2p type data collection with the new system on Ares (based on supply), on Gnutella (based on the demand-based supply, so-called "dupply"), and on ed2k using the Gruk list of real ed2k servers. Let me know how high a priority this is for you, as it involves Ty, Sujay and Andrew.

        The global view of # of users is easier to get (and requires little development) for each of these networks.
        The geographic break down by network would require some development from our system, or we can estimate based on various google analytics data we already collect (for Gnutella and ed2k).
        As far as identifying which networks are used more for mp3s vs. video files we can do this already for Gnutella and KAD (using the current global marketing intelligence website -- Doing this on Ares would be possible as a one-off from Ty (he's collecting the right data for this for Dr. Hahn already).
        for comparing catalog with non-catalog, we'd be able to do this based on a list of titles to compare (either from the label or that we would make)
        Simultaneous users can be counted for ed2k using the Gruk List add-up technique. For other networks this is much more difficult to do and would actually be a time period sliver -- the question becomes, how much time should that sliver be (15 minutes is probably too short to collect good data).
        Cumulative users is probably pretty easy to do: the current system keeps track of IPs daily and we could either add up the daily cumulatives for a month or query for the total uniques over the course of the month.
        we may be able to calculate MD's protection effectiveness on Ares (because of the DHT component), but it wouldn't be possible (at this time) for other networks.

Jay and Randy don't feel this derails Marketing Intel, as this would be useful info to have there.




From: Octavio Herrera
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To: Benjamin, David; Karp, Ethan; Randy Saaf
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Subject: RE: p2p request #s

We used to run a "state of p2p" report with info such as this but we are changing the methodology of how we collect the data in order to be more accurate.... should have something soon.




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How about estimates on a quarterly basis for #s overall.

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Ethan, we do not do this due to the amount of processing it takes.

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To: Octavio Herrera; Benjamin, David; Randy Saaf
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Also-- I forget, do you have the ability to differentiate/isolate demand & supply data by territory yet (ie. US only)?

I don't see it broken out in any way on the reporting site...
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