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From: Ben Grodsky <>
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 17:39:35 -0700

Gerald, Herden, Mark, Pedro and Rendy,

Two things:
 1) Can we give Paramount more attention? Not highest priority, or anything like that, but be sure Norbit isn't the only Paramount title you're posting. And Enrique should send out a ticket on the Paramount load-level change days, so don't worry about that -- he should be managing that part or things.
  2) When creating new accounts for the auto-poster, don't use office IPs. Use the web proxy sites. There are at least 100 sites like ( that have IPs all over the world. It's less likely they'd notice that kind of activity on their site then a bunch of sequential IPs. You might already be doing this -- if so, disregard 2)


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Subject: Meeting Notes: 11 April 2007

Here are today’s meeting notes. If I have missed anything, please revise accordingly and send it around again.


* New DNS trackers will be added tonight and functional by tomorrow (to Herden).


* now requires a login for upload (to Torrents).

        * Create at least 10 user logins from Snarf-it to be used ONLY with autoposting system and send them to Jeff.


· REMINDER: Norbit Bittorrent decoy posting to be re-initiated on May 12 (to Torrents).


· Monitor websites for effectiveness.

o Monitor Bitenova with new decoy posts using new DNS trackers particularly for Paramount projects (to Torrents)

o Monitor “The Office” on Torrentreactor.TO and determine how many days afterwards is it safe to post (to Gerald).

o Concentrate on UPic’s movies for Mininova and Snarf-it.

§ Maintain postings on “Heroes”, “Battlestar Galactica” and the rest of the UPics TV shows.


· Increase postings for “GrindHouse” on Torrentreactor and Isohunt (to Torrents).




Pedro Cortez

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