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From: Randy Saaf <randy_at_mediadefender.com>
Date: Wed, 2 May 2007 18:19:11 -0700



This is a lengthy email, but I just wanted to get these issues down on
paper. I know many of these are being worked on or are low priority.
Queue them up for the team as you see fit.


One new concept: Octavio makes a good point that things that are
manually queued should probably go below the 3 current transfers. They
can move or delete the top three, but it is somewhat disarming to see
your download that was 70% done to just vanish. It would be nice to
keep a record of how done a download is even if it is not in the top
three but not a critical feature.


Here is the list of features/fixes.


The port probe error in "recently downloaded" when the web page is
launched. BTW, I get the same error when I launch the library page from
the tray icon.


Animated pics work on the media page, which is awesome, but it seems to
be refreshing the whole page about 10 times. After that it is smooth.


Still need searches for Library and History


History should have check boxes for deleting specific entries


Enlarging the queue and library images


Hard drive management from the tray icon. Basically making sure we
don't take too much space on small hard drives.


Search with the family filter on goes pretty slow sometimes. Other
times it works fast. I assume this has to do with the amount it is
filtering out. Not sure if anything can be done, but just wanted to
note it.


Fitting the whole page in my browser resolution. It is only a few
pixels off.


Quicktime files don't play in my browser. Prob because they are trying
to play in Windows Media. Not an urgent prob.


Uninstalling miivi should give the option to remove all downloaded


Miivi installer should create a launch from the program files that
brings up the queue page.


We should make the applet download like the application so that it does
not over burden XP.


The applet should recommend installing miivi if the user is trying to
download more that three things at once using it.


I am getting an error in the bottom left corner of the applet
downloader. It seems to work but there is some sort of error.


I don't think the bandwidth sliders in the applet are functional yet.





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