Re: Activision Spider Man 3 Trailer

From: Ben Ebert <>
Date: Mon, 7 May 2007 11:57:39 -0700

That sounds right. If you don't get it going soon come see me and I'll help. Torrents team will have to zip it up and add some stuff to make it look like a game and not a movie.
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From: Jonathan Lee
To: Hrach Ovakimyan; Ben Grodsky; Ben Ebert
Sent: Mon May 07 11:33:59 2007
Subject: Activision Spider Man 3 Trailer

We are protecting the Spider Man 3 video game with Activision. They have provided a HD trailer for us to use as a decoy on BitTorrent. We did this for them last time and they were thrilled.


I know Grodsky is out all week…so I’m not sure how to get this all put together.


I have the trailer on disk…and someone said that Hrach makes the video and inserts the redirect? After that Herden gets the files to use as decoys?


Let me know how to proceed.


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